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Artifact: Phone Time Machine

Published onNov 19, 2019
Artifact: Phone Time Machine

The SF world I would like to talk about is the world concept in Steins;Gate 0,

an anime television series created by White Fox based on 5pb.'s 2015 video game of the same name, and is part of the Science Adventure franchise. (wiki) The time machine present in this series reveals a highly strict single universe theory based on modern probability and Quantum Mechanics. People go to time travel is not actually travel back to the old-time they spent but switch to a new World Line(the concept Einstein stated in 1905). The idea of sending “mind” through consumer electronics just like electromagnetic waves, sort of makes sense based on today’s theory. This artifact is reasonable and can be considered as the first step time travel in the near future. Sending data or information is the first step to test out world line functionality.

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