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Anti-social Altered Perception Hat

Published onNov 04, 2019
Anti-social Altered Perception Hat

Anti-social Altered Perception Hat


Superpower: Alter Perception

Altered Perception Hat is a device to enable a "power" to alter vision and hearing during an awkward moment one might experience.

This device is especially useful for people suffered from social anxiety or just for ordinary people during a nervous public speaking session.


The hat is made with lightweight silky-textured smart fabric, where embedded pulse sensor and GSR sensor. Pulse sensor together with GSR, which stands for galvanic skin response can effectively detect the user's stress level during daily activities. These sensors are attached to skin continuously monitoring the user's emotion status and transfer the serial data to the embedded microcontrollers inside the hat.


The user's vision is covered by a transparent plastic screen from the bottom of the hat. The screen is a piece of kinetic sheet that connects by two temperature-sensitive metal knots. The two knots will squeeze in the plastic sheet if cooled down.

Based on the user's stress level, the metal knots will be on high or low with electricity to control the kinetic performance of the plastic sheet. While the user feels more stressful, his vision is altered, the plastic sheet is curved more, enabling a further fake distance visual perception. Meanwhile, the hat will generate a louder wite noise to cover up audiences talking, surrounding sound, etc.

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