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Women Destroy Science Fiction! : DIM SUM

Published onSep 30, 2019
Women Destroy Science Fiction! : DIM SUM

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a history that takes place within a future where civilization has expanded into other planets and galaxies and the earth has been devastated by radiation and pollution. The entire story takes place inside of a renowned restaurant outside of earth.

Even though the entire story narrated within a restaurant, the author manages to give a very clear perspective of the environment, society and technologies available within the context of the narration.

FOOD: Food is greatly described within the story. In this future, the FDA managed to get rid of every fast food available to humanity. Everything that was eaten in this world was organic. Ironically, characters complain about not having tasty food anymore and about food within the galaxy not being able to rival the taste of Earth’s food.

TRANSPORTATION: Intergalactic transportation is available due to the fact that one of the characters managed to create an easily scalable, low cost , connected system for intergalactic portal transportation. Characters can meet at a restaurant in the other side of the galaxy at any given moment.

POLITICS: Harriet, is one of the main characters of the story. She is the “President of the Universe”. The story gives a hint that politicians in this world are elected for already having great achievements that have transformed society before being in office. Harriet was the inventor of the portal system and after inventing it, she became president of the universe with over 90% of the votes going to her. Talk about meritocracy!

THE SOCIAL NATURE OF HUMANS: It is greatly interesting to see how the author talks about great changes in technology, life, politics but leaves human behavior intact. Humans in this novel get shy when important people are around, humans in this world massively follow opinions of people that are not directly connected to them, humans have the same tendency to move as herds… The contrast of human behavior staying the same within such a changed universe is very intriguing.

ARTIFACTS: Botanical music - Music that plants like to party to. Blackhole and Wormhole dessert - Gastronomy managed to create ingestable blackholes and wormholes. Portals - low cost, easy to make portals for everyone in the universe!

The author does an exceptional job of creating a rich world and describing it all within the context of three characters gathered around a dinner table!


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