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The Thing From The Future - "High-rise Crops"

Published onSep 30, 2019
The Thing From The Future - "High-rise Crops"


ARC: Transform

TERRAIN: Agriculture


MOOD: Surprise


After decades and centuries of global warming, the flooding caused by sea level rising and other side effects from climate change had taken a huge portion of land area. While the environmental resilience cannot handle the balance in this Anthropocene, in order to avoid the further deteriorating, human no longer dare to take green fields for urban sprawl or farming. When land reclamation can no longer keep the pace of population growth and coast area lose, a transform to our society is to learn to save space and consider to develop the air space for things to be built or stacked vertically.

With the development of biological science and genetic engineering, a new spice of “super plant” is created to bring a revolution to agriculture. The plant can keep growing till hundreds or even thousands of feet like a organic skyscraper, which is used as a host for the new farming system. What most surprising is, the crops are also modified spices, which can adapt the atmosphere of high altitude, and the process of cultivation does not need nature resource like soil, where the crops can simply parasite on the “super plant” structure that originally absorb the nutrient from earth. As a result, a scene of “high-rise crops” will taken the field, which aims at solve the food supply problem and land use issue at the same time.

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