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Each to Each: Finally, Well-fitting Navy Boots for Navy Mermaids

Published onSep 30, 2019
Each to Each: Finally, Well-fitting Navy Boots for Navy Mermaids
  • Found this image below while searching for images of Navy uniforms. It is a recruiting poster from 1917, when women were not allowed in the Navy. I particularly enjoyed this reading because it only ever so slowly revealed the truth about the Navy women. I won’t spoil it here, but the short is definitely worth a read.

    Current 1917 Recruiting Poster. Source: Wikipedia

  • There was an entire section of the short where the narrator deliberately did not directly describe what the Navy women looked like. Rather, subtle hints about feet were dropped. The artifact I would like to discuss in this Pub is the Standard Issue Navy boots.

    • “A hundred and twenty of us, all told, and less than half standing on our feet.”

    • “One of the Seamen raises her hand. She’s new to the ship; her goots still fit, her throat still works.”

    • “My boots are the first thing to go, and I have to blink back tears when I pull them off and my feet untwist, relaxing back into the natrual shape the scientists have worked so hard to give them.”

  • The artifact of Standard Issue Navy boots is not necessarily interesting to me, but what is interesting to me is an artifact that does not yet exist in this world. What if the Navy were to issue boots to all the different mods described in Each to Each? What bioinspired designs would be available? Would they even remotely resemble the current Navy boot?

    Current Navy Uniform. Source: Wikipedia

They could potentially look like:

The one on the far right is Doc Martens for mermaids.


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