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Artifact: Microbot from Big Hero 6

Published onSep 23, 2019
Artifact: Microbot from Big Hero 6

Artifact: Microbot

Introduced in the 2014 Animated film Big Hero 6 by Disney Animation Studios, microbot is a finger-sized robot with a pivot connecting two ‘arms’. When received commands from a wearable neural transmitter, a large group of microbots can forge into a programmed mass with any desirable shapes and functionalities. In the film, its inventor Hiro Hamada demonstrates its versatility in transportation and constructing instant additions to the built environment. Later in the film, the villain also shows how destructive it can be when used in weapon building.

Microbots Big Hero 6 moment

Among thousands of potential usages of microbots in the real world, the most immidiate one I can think of is to construct a instant bridge between the third floor of my dorm building (70 Amherst St) and the media lab when I have to go to the lab. Although my dorm is merely 1 minute walk from the lab, my infinite laziness always make it hard for me to walk down and up stairs. I guess that when there is a bridge built by microbots, I would probably like to add further commands to make a conveyer on the bridge, in which case I will not even have to walk on the bridge.

Below is a very scratchy visualization of a bridge with a conveyer seating between my dorm room and the media lab. (pretending that the windows can be opened as such.)


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