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Growing QR Code

Plant/ Invertebrate-based communication

Published onNov 18, 2019
Growing QR Code

ARC: Grow (Self-Sustaining Coral Island)

TERRAIN: Communications

OBJECT: Symbol

MOOD: Unease

“The thing from the future” within the context of self-sustaining coral island is the symbolic representation of a communication system organically grown through plants or coral surfaces.

Imagining ways in which plants or corals are being utilized as the medium of communications, apart from going into the microscopic level and the potential of the “Internet of Living Things”, one possible way to use these organic elements as communicating platform could be through visual communications. However, with its organic figures as the limitation, limited information would be delivered through its figurative form. Thus by incorporating the system of bar-code matrix into the natural organic figures, the corals or plants could be grown into symbolic figures to facilitate communication of information for those inhabiting on the island.

Through smart wearable like smart glasses, screens, or lenses, augmented information (AR) could be read and represented organically through these natural surfaces. However, an unease point of utilizing this medium of communication is probably the time it takes for such surfaces to grown and the physicality of it that is difficult to be altered. These three dimensional surfaces however could be imagined as a new qr code matrix that incorporate organic surfaces to create new exciting augmented reality platform that is surrounding us within the natural context.

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