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An obsolete military - Bludgeon by Howze

Published onOct 08, 2019
An obsolete military - Bludgeon by Howze

I thought the coolest part about bludgeon was the juxtaposition of a

1) strong-arm military willing to risk civilian lives in an unwinnable battle and an over-confident & disrespectful president (with strong similarities to the orange dude currently in office)


2) artists and trained individuals using qualitative and creative techniques to document and describe the happenings of the alien invasion and an anthropologist who uses wit, calm, fairness and communication skills to navigate the impending doom of the situation.

It was a nice message about how it is possible to be strategic and not take advantage of other people. In this sci-fi world, the military was completely obsolete. Which begs the question, is the military obsolete against today’s world challenges: climate change, world hunger, inequality, terrorism etc…

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