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Thing From the Future: A Shameful Magazine Cover

Envisioning a shameful magazine cover under the future parameters drawn from the game "The Thing from the Future"

Published onSep 30, 2019
Thing From the Future: A Shameful Magazine Cover

From the game “The Thing From the Future” , parameters for future world were drawn into four categories of contexts and scenarios:

Envisioning the future within these parameters, a sketch emerged as a future context where our planet Earth can no longer tolerate the trashes an debris created by us human being. With our technological advancements developed drastically through humankind’s flourishing civilizations, we developed a method and find a solution to dispose all of the earth’s un-recyclable and impossible-to-decompose wastes, by send and dump all of them on the Moon.

With extreme negligence from world leaders and ineffective waste-managements policies, the trashes are being piled up so much that they’re becoming visible from the sky, making the Moon an official trash star.

This brings shame to humankind as the image of the Moon becomes demoted and transformed into a disgusting sight totally opposite from its original legacy as being an object of appreciation, found mystery, and a romantic symbol.

Here is the picture of the (future) TIME of National Geographic magazine cover:


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