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Snow Crash's Mimetic Polycarbon Suit

Published onSep 23, 2019
Snow Crash's Mimetic Polycarbon Suit

One of my favorite Sci-Fi Worlds is Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Because it is a book, it is hard to find accurate imagery, but the book’s descriptions create a really strong cyberpunk aesthetic that I enjoy and am working on adopting for myself. The distributed republic framework of government is dystopian, but creates a compelling world to explore the dynamics of.

The Metaverse is one of things which most intrigues me, as the persistent virtual world is exciting and opens up many opportunities for interaction and exploration. However, the Metaverse is wholly digital, so the artifact that Mimetic Polycarbon Suit, which can play back its surroundings. This is truly wearable cyberpunk clothing, which seems hard but doable but would be really impressive to see in real life.

A relevant quote describing the outfit: “The precis began with a long hold on a color still that Case at first assumed was a collage of some kind, a boy's face snipped from another image and glued to a photograph of a paint-scrawled wall. Dark eyes, epicanthic folds obviously the result of surgery, an angry dusting of acne across pale narrow cheeks. The Hosaka released the freeze; the boy moved, flowing with the sinister grace of a mime pretending to be a jungle predator. His body was nearly invisible, an abstract pattern approximating the scribbled brickwork sliding smoothly across his tight one piece. Mimetic polycarbon.”

This is actually a mimetic suit from the Star Wars Wiki but it gets the point across


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