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Candy Monitoring Device

Published onSep 30, 2019
Candy Monitoring Device

The words we pulled from “The Thing From The Future” for this topic were Discipline, Travel, Candy and Hilarity.

I imagined a world where people are constantly monitored through their behavior, social interactions, and relationships. In this universe, a family is traveling while on vacation and finishes a meal at a nice restaurant. At the end of their meal, they are each given a mint. This mint, when ingested, monitors each person’s guilt. If they are feeling guilty, this mint sends a red flag to their government, alerting them that they have done something wrong. I see this as a security camera, but from within. We know that the gut is very sensitive to emotion. Is it possible to detect a specific emotion with a device? The hilarity comes from the device being a literal mint. (but maybe this isn’t so funny)


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