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Calcium to Earth Manipulations

Inquiring the power of calcium manipulations through rapid mineral precipitations and the manipulation of earth through sounds.

Published onNov 04, 2019
Calcium to Earth Manipulations

In response to this week’s prompt “Build Yourself a Super Power”, I initially attempted to take one of the elements from my world-building research and find ways in which it could be implemented as the technological baseline for my imagined super-power. From my world-building research, I particularly find the process of biorock very intriguing. The process is simply to charge a structure of conductive steel with low-voltage current that eventually help speeds up the process of calcium carbonate precipitation within the water. This simply creates a layer of limestone or solid calcium from the surrounding minerals within the ocean, solidifying the structure out of thin air (or in this case water).

Biorock or seacrete diagram

Through this process, I imagine a superpower in which one can somehow manipulate or augment another layer or extensions of calcium form. This could possibly be done by a super intelligent wearable of conductive fabric that once an individual emerge him/herself into the sea, the wearable instantaneously precipitate form of calcium extensions to the individual’s body. Almost like Naruto’s Kimimaro bone manipulation skill but less organic and the individual might somehow dip him/herself first in the ocean…

Kimimaro Bone Manipulation Skills (Naruto)

Developing the idea further through manual constructions of calcium, another superpower idea that I find very interesting is the power of earth manipulations.

As we’ve seen from the great example of the technology being used as superpower externalities from the movie “Black Panther”, imagined and extrapolated by PERCEPTION. The Black Panther world uses the acoustic levitation technology as their daily technological medium which is absolutely exciting and contextual.

Acoustic Levitation of Particles

However, in my proposition I attempt to imagine using this technology not in the scale of everyday devices but rather implemented as a superpower where one individual could utilize a device or wearable that take control of the earth or grounds through the acoustic pressure. Through this perspective, it could be perceived that the superpower is not really the manipulations of the earth per se, but rather the ability to take control of the acoustic radiation pressure as the medium to suspense selective elements of earth.

Gaara (Naruto) and his power of sand manipulations

Terra forming earth barrier in Teen Titans

Terrakinetics construct from Fullmetal Alchemist

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