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Things From My Future: Holo Flower

Published onNov 19, 2019
Things From My Future: Holo Flower

Concept Focus:

  • Reveal a social activity or relationship phenomenon at a reformed quality after technology caused social destruction

  • Convey how data’s as an information medium could step into daily activities

  • Illustrate the trend of unrolling and visualizing all the vulnerabilities of human natures

IDA 1+5 Holo Flower

Dream/Holo/Digital/Sci-fi/Data Vis/Interpersonal/EEG/Biometric

As passive data sensing become widely accepted for wellness and mental health purpose, many wearable technology products gain rapid market shares. Recently the enthusiasm of wearable technology is clearly booming as we see Apple and Google’s Fitbit deals stay at the top of finance media.

In the near future, after wearable technology products become a daily norm just like our smartphone today, the functionality and user experience desire might shift from just getting passive data to various responsive interfaces. The shift of the functionality could be predicable from the market standpoint: future desires of wearable technology would be interpersonal rather than for an individual, and could play a role in transforming communication norms and social activities.

The Holo Flower is a real-time data visualization interface displayed in holography on digital devices. The input data of the flower is based on biometric data and EEG signals from wearable devices. The concept behind the Holo Flower is to unrolling and visualizing vulnerable details in daily communication, both interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Every second of the generated blooming flower is unique as it is based on various personal data that reveals brain events like dreaming, focusing, excitement...etc

The long days of collecting and sharing these generated flowers are similar to long days of planting or taking care of your pets, the social richness plated onto this visualization could potentially help with emotion-regulation, wellness self-checking, embracing sexual activities.  The experience of growing these holo flowers may vary based on the individual user.


IDA 1: Holo Flower

ARC: 2070 Social Destruction Reformation

TERRAIN: Childhood


MOOD: Wonder

Meditation and reformation of social connection with flower through data visualization

Patience loss after enhanced communication methodology like communicating through BCI devices, sensor wearables etc.

Regaining the experience of watching a flower to bloom

Virtual planting


IDA 2: Lighting Bug

ARC: 2070 Social Destruction Reformation

TERRAIN: Journalism

OBJECT: Insect

MOOD: Frustration

In 2070 XXX, the practice of writing done daily journals, as well as writing long letters to significant other, friend or co-workers is almost come to extinct. The main reason is because the development of AI generated language contexts become the majority method to communicate complex and long narratives or stories. The auto-generated mailing system will write longer documentations for people based on imputed main idea, context data and mood tone.

The Journal Prep Bug uses voice recognition to generate strong visual temper in user’s bedroom. When the user has fluent and continuous oral presentation, the room vibes would be pleasant and refreshing, otherwise there will be traces of fraud patterns on the wall everywhere. This mobile wall device is advocated to individuals who wants to challenge himself for at-home narrative practice. The Bug will help individuals to become more self-aware of the quality of every presentation try-out with real-time immersive data visualization.

IDA 3: Water Kick Tube

ARC: 2070 Social Destruction Reformation


OBJECT: Instrument

MOOD: Outrage

As almost all performances are generated by AI and robots, human produced performance becomes unique. The Water Kick is a mixed reality MIDI synthesizer with water tube sculpture.

Water tube sculptures are distributed at different locations across the city. It is a collaborative performance for urban scale.

IDA 4: Pandora Box

ARC: 2070 Social Destruction Reformation

TERRAIN: Disease


MOOD: Wellbeing

Data vis of microbiome/biometric data ?

IDA 5: Dream Bottle

ARC: 2070 Social Destruction Reformation

TERRAIN: Religion

OBJECT: Bottle

MOOD: Surprise

Bottle captured "dream” into a revisit gallery of "dream”.

Methodology for dream recording

Revisit of the medium bottle

Sharing your dream journal with others

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