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Superpower: Social Intelligence (Expert at Small Talk)

Published onNov 04, 2019
Superpower: Social Intelligence (Expert at Small Talk)

As an introvert, I find it difficult to have an engaging and meaningful conversation with friends and strangers. In a usual conversation, I end up talking a lot about myself or try to ask random questions to get to know the people just to keep it going and avoid awkward silence or pause. Sometimes I ask random personal questions that might be appropriate for certain culture, but not so much for Americans that I just met. Whenever I tell a story, it sounds so formal and lame, especially when it comes to stories that are meant to be funny. Usually, they are just hilarious in my head, but once it comes out of my mouth, it is actually dragging and boring. I wish I could be a better small talker, making people laugh and enjoy a great conversation. I wish I could tell a fun story that can engage the audience, so it is not one sided.

Problem: I find it really difficult to find the right words to express what I think. I cannot articulate my thoughts thoughts clearly. I cant make people laugh without punching myself in the face. I dont know how to carry an engaging conversation with strangers.

Superpower: A superpower I would love to have is high social intelligence, which obviously should include the ability to articulate one’s thought clearly. Basically, be someone who is always ready and know what to say in order to make someone feel comfortable and engaged around you.


My R.E.I.N.A. (Jinn, Embodied Conversation Agent) recommending things to say to Ray Kurzweil during our conversation. Now I always know what to say.


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