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Ghost in the Shell: Invisible Suit

Published onSep 23, 2019
Ghost in the Shell: Invisible Suit

In Ghost in the Shell, Kusanagi is able to active a special camouflage technology which renders her bodysuit into near-invisible to blend in with the environment. It was called thermo-optic camouflage in the scene. This technology enables the members of Section 9, as well as their Tachikoma tanks, to take advantages in fighting by creating optical illusions. Although it was initially conceived for military uses, it can also be considered to be integrated with our everyday life - how can we create an altered reality by making new materials besides providing the digital experiences such as Augmented Reality(AR)?

Ghost in the Shell: building jump, wave to invisibility (2017 vs. 1995)

Jayson Lynch: You may also want to look into Griffon Cloth from Ada Palmer's Too Like the Lightning. Same technology of reactive, digital fabrics which can project their surrounding environment; however, there are instances of non-military/covert use in the series. Notably one of the hives (a nation/culture/society) uses it as a form of self-expression, projecting not a pure replication of what the world around them looks like but an altered version. For example, projecting fantastical creatures into your environment, picturing the city you're in in some specific artistic style, envisioning it as ruins overtaken by plants and time, etc. In this way the human form directly becomes a view into an alternate vision of reality.