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2070 Social Mental Destruction and Reformation of Post Digital Age

Published onNov 08, 2019
2070 Social Mental Destruction and Reformation of Post Digital Age

2070 Social Mental Destruction and Reformation of Post Digital Age

/dystopia earth ended, utopia space habitat rises

This is 2070, our human race just recovered from the third cyberwar and ready for the next bosting enthusiasm of deep space exploration. Yet mankind suffered a lot from the revolution for beliefs, old values, privacy, and existence. As many of us still remember, 50 years ago, when everyone is still using classical consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops for communication, we all set passwords to lock our activities, resources, and thoughts. There are countries and various parties holding different political beliefs. While we live a peaceful and liberal life until our society went into chaos because of biotechnological applications for mankind and the built environment. The more we blurred the boundary of human, machine, and the environment, the more we strike on our social norm and order, thus our world was concord more and more by dictators for controlling efficiency.

/neo-anarchism, the cloud brain of the earth

After the third cyberwar, nations’ control and wall of their people’s data collapsed because of nearly 85% of people resigned their consciousness port to the United Nation’s cloud brain system. The start of the end somewhat falls into a contemporary explanation of anarchism. The cloud brain of the earth is an AI system that The cloud brain system was established from 2050 to 2055 in various forms by different nations. Most of them are just applications to efficiently and effectively reflect trustful thoughts from general citizens or representatives. Almost all governments never thought about this technology would have power more than opinion poll assisting.

/BBI(brain to brain interaction system) law: three-stages of data sharing

The bill to pass a revision law for individual real-time data collection and brain to brain interaction system establishes the “three-stages” theory for data sharing. The legalization and control of individual data sharing have entered into a new path. The “three-stages” theory represents a division of three closed AI monitoring and data analysis systems. The theory follows a lateral hierarchy, environmental collections, wearable sensing devices data, and invasive brain activities data; a longitudinal hierarchy, passive data for infrastructure functioning, passive data for social-economical functioning, active data for citizen’s personalized needs. Under the “three-stages” network, individual data is encrypted seperately in three systems within countless nano-system before passing into decision-making models. Thus data sharing industry will be decentralized and less bonded to tech companies and their major shareholders.

/human augmentation market

The INDEXHA(index of top 500 human augmentation industry average) has reached 30000 through a year growth of 49%. The human augmentation market seems never would be cooled down again no matter during wartime or not. Lily Group, famous for its lightweight human augmentation products announced GP of third quarter at 930 million and Dskin, famous for perception enhancement announced 785 million. A collaborative conference between the legendary Lily Group and Dskin last week popped up on every global media platform. Lily Group also established its next year’s marketing plans with space travel vacation during the conference.

/space travel as vacations during a half period

The global warming concerns, vegetation monitoring, and weather controls run out almost 30% annual consumption of electronic power. Environmental activists call for a written in law agreement for a “half-half” working policy to allow automatic environmental correction. The “half-half” policy advocates a half-year vacation per year for human workers and push over all the AI and robotics contexts to the second half-year. During the second half-year, many of the weather control zones can be temporarily shut down to save energy. Nowadays, 90% of the industry joined the “half-half” policy for human workers.

At the same time, as six months is long enough, middle-class families are more willing to go on a space vacation for human augmentation surgeries. Many of the travel company offers a bundle schedule for surgeries and mars exploration sports. During the four-month period of time, customers can join the ship sleeping surgery while the performance of arm, leg, eyes, or skin surgeries are done by top AI doctors at the same time when they log into the virtual reality activity lounge. After the surgery, customers arrived at the mars sports center and potentially hanging out with new friends during the virtual reality lounge time.

A. Site/Environment

/dyson swarm

Nearly 30% of artificial construction is done off-earth. Most of the consumer accessible built-environment out in the space are satellite stations, larger dyson swarm in the solar system, and small ships.

B. Power and Energy Consumption


70% of the electric distribution is powered by nuclear centers on earth. 20% of the distribution is covered seasonally by solar power. The ground level circle of the earth is mostly power infrastructure as well as weather and vegetation control infrastructure. From 20-100ft above ground, there are mostly large transportation docks, data sorting centers, and cooling towers.

C. Management

/AI and Robots

The majority of heavy loads and repetitive works are covered by industrial robots. The lower level and very top-level management, as well as infrastructures, are managed by trained AI robots with real-time monitoring network.

D. Mental Experience

/social activities. social structure.

/mental activities. morality. Religion. values

While the average life reached 201.5 years old, the social structure and value of family destruction still influence individuals. After the robot-human marriage becomes legal, the newborn rate decreased sharply. There is less and less 0-50 population on earth. The artificial womb reproduction does not seem to push forward the birth rate. Although the advertisement for data-driven matching tinder is everywhere, people still couldnt find a right person to avoid loneliness. On the contrary, there are more and more diverse tendencies for close relationships and families. For example, the population of “self-couple” increases by 10% this year. This falls under the normalization of traditional multiple personality disorder, where a person can live happily with multiple personalities and even dating their sub-personality individuals.

Sex life has been boosted by the legendary Dskin company. Their various types of implements and sensory sharing devices could provide a sharing orgasm experience among up to four people.

E. Physical Experience

The physical experience of this world is a merging utopia of digital and physical, where you also can not easily define human, robots or cyborgs. The daily activities and living style changes rapidly every several years.

Cars are more of an extinct transportation methodology now as the speed capacity of allowed transportation wearable like speed shoes are more or less equal to 65 mph.

The vegetation coverage is controlled by the central vegetation system for microclimates. Yet trees and flowers are mobile objects just like birds.

Ground drone racing is a thing. The experience at ground level becomes almost a cyber punk mystery. Human beings moved to the higher circle of the earth other than on the ground. From 0-200 ft, the habitats are mostly AI robots and large power infrastructure.

Science fiction inspirations:

Star Maker


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