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Heat Radiation Accelerator

Published onOct 08, 2019
Heat Radiation Accelerator

Rapid Air technology is the name Philips gave to the RUSH technology that was developed by APDS Development during the development of the heat radiation accelerator. RUSH stands for Radiant and UpStream Heating.”

This accelerator distributes heat radiation directly to object surfaces, making the radiation at your disposal. As we know, the radiation is versatile in tasks like intensifies thermal motion, dehydration and protein denaturation. There are 2 speeds + 3 heat settings, and two modes of use: hand-held mode and fixed mode. At the lowerest heat settings, the core part is heated up to about 80ºF; the medium heat setting gives you up to 160ºF and the high heat setting can go as high as 420ºF. The medium setting is best for dehydration, and the high heat setting is best for protein denaturation.

We recommend fixed mode for all heat settings, and when using the high heat setting, the accelerator should be placed and fixed in a sealed container. The hand-held mode is for low and medium heat settings only.

(This is the heating unit for a hairdryer and an air fryer, A H-AIR DFRYER?)

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