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Genetically Informed Companion Service

Thing From the Future Design

Published onSep 29, 2019
Genetically Informed Companion Service
  • ARC: Evolve over a decade

  • TERRAIN: Genetic Engineering

  • OBJECT: Bottle

  • MOOD: Loneliness

The object I designed for this ATOM was an order service for genetically inspired companions. Much like DNA tests of today work, the idea of unlocking our genes for entertainment is a fascinating one.

As populations continue to age and the climate changes, more and more people will experience loneliness and the average family size will shrink. This is already occurring in aging adult populations across the developed world.

My product would be a bottle that you give a swap sample in and send back in order to receive a genetically informed companion.

This is inspired by tropes in science fiction such as the short “Super Toys Last All Summer Long” and its later movie Artificial Intelligence where a family has a companion bear and android child to fill the loneliness of the mother.

David (a child android for the mother’s companion) and his own companion Teddy who is an android bear.


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