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World Wide Woods

My artifact/world generated from "The Thing from the Future" activity

Published onSep 30, 2019
World Wide Woods

World Wide Woods (WWW) - The Thing from The Future artifact

This was a wonderful exercise in world-(artifact)-building given a few constraints in the form of Arc —> Terrain —> Object —> Mood.

Here is one of the worlds I ended up imagining.

Prompts for world/artifact building:

Grow (a century) —> Forests —> Implants —> Charm

World. Wide. Woods. (WWW)

The tide did not turn in an instant. No. It took time like most things do. The history blogs now describe the period as the beginning of the “World Wide Woods”. It was almost a century in the making. That might seem like an extremely long time for us short lived humans. But to most of the forest, a century was nothing. A tiny slice of time like the fallen leaf that gets lost in the countless others on the forest floor.

It began with the ability to seamlessly upload thoughts onto the internet – the Brain Tweet social network. A few ingenious art-scientists invented an implant that could allow the thoughts of a single tree to be uploaded onto Brain Tweet as well. It was just a joke, nothing more – an artistic statement – perhaps to keep the conversation about climate change going. Little did they know, that the vast network of connections that the forest was already composed of, could so easily get onboarded onto the internet. A single tree was able to immediately onboard a thousand of their siblings that were all, already communicating through a myriad of mycorrhizae underground. Each individual plant life was able to express itself on Brain Tweet and the box had been flung open. It was deemed too unethical to remove the implants from the trees and instantly silence this rich and abundant life form that had allowed us to share the Earth for all human existence. Plant lives did not need humans to speak for them anymore, they could express themselves as individuals. So, what followed was the only outcome possible.

In a matter of a decade, implants were installed in every land and sea fraction to onboard all the plant life onto a common means of communication. Nothing was the same after that. Plant lives vastly outnumbered the humans. They were also extremely wise and resourceful having access to physical and digital communication networks under the ground and in the cloud. They were able to imagine policies that would take generations of human lives to accomplish (way beyond the 5-year visions that the politicians of the past would scramble to make). Plants were soon playing major roles in all bodies of governance. It was for the good. They had better answers to immediately tackle the climate change problem, endangered species protection and balancing the oxygen/CO2 levels. Before plant governance, humans were almost recklessly driving a road to extinction anyway.

The only problem was that man, was deemed to be too dangerous of an animal species. The rights of man had to be revoked for the collective good of all living organisms on the planet. Humans were allowed to continue living in habitats and sanctuaries designed especially for them. And on the World Wide Woods, humans could continue being represented but in a controlled ecosystem. The human side of the internet it was called.

I am a special kind of human though. I have a master. My master is a pretty ordinary tree. I think they are physically somewhere on the edge of the Amazon. They have a minor role in the government of West Earth faction 8.9. I am really lucky to have a master. It is very difficult to get picked by a tree visiting the human side of the internet to choose a pet. I had to charm my way by the most beautiful music and color vibrations that I could come up with on my blog channel. It is a vicious competition to out charm each other on the internet. The human side of the world wide woods does not look ugly like the 4chan, twitter and reddit of the past. At least everyone is no longer mean to each other and trolling has practically disappeared, since no one wants to be ostracized from the internet. After all the World Wide Woods are controlled by them – the forests.


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