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The Last of Its Kind

Published onOct 05, 2019
The Last of Its Kind

“where no voice can remind us how it once was and who it was for”

This short, although illustrates the war between character and creature from the myth world, magician and dragon, conveys (in parallel ) strongly the tendency and tension after any sort of wars in the world.

One thought is that it seems almost every “kind” will be after their final war with their enemy “kind”. While before that, they seem to value each other a lot and their existence depends on each other. Once, the last of one kind is gone, there is also no side to record any sign of their existence and they will all return to ashes.

Another thought is about the chachactristis of two sides. As the classical scenery of the magician copies himself into thousands of fake bodies, the storyline makes it more clear that one side mostly is considered smart or good at methodologies, and the other side is more straightforward and power-driven. It also reminds me of how the abilities and skills in friction are driven by real-world clues.

This short also reminds me of how the state continuously involved in the Middle East region and almost intentionally keeps the war going there. As the state aggressively blame on Iran for the Saudi oil attack, there are some groups of people believe that us would have any kind of reason to perform tough on Iran situation, while at the same time the Middle East “oil kind” also find it necessary to collaborate as the war keep going, the oil-dollar system and the maritime hegemony will still be held tight in the “smart kind” hand.

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