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The Thing From My Future: Bio-jewelry

Published onNov 18, 2019
The Thing From My Future: Bio-jewelry

Arc — Growth, a century

Terrain — Insects

Object — Jewelry

Mood — Well-being

I am imagining this future, where insects swarm around us and live with us. There is a symbiotic relationship between these insects and us. They are like these tiny cyborgs that we communicate through our neural lace device. They are, in other words, our “living” jewelry. The jewelry that we wear become their house and their housing, and the more jewelry we have, the more insects can live and connect to our nervous system.

They eat our dead-skin (and we don’t need to clean ourselves anymore), they go around search for food and transfer the nutrients to us by biting and transferring their blood, but leaving our skin with no trace, like a leech. Not only that they are our companions, they also become our doctor, knowing what our body wants and ensuring our well-being.


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