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The Well-Clicking Watch

Published onOct 07, 2019
The Well-Clicking Watch

The idea was triggered by a movie by Brad Pitt, when he met his ex-girlfriend along the corner of a street. Both finding that they still had feelings for one another, but they just said hello embarrassedly and left. When walking away, both of them turned back multiple times to see whether the other one turned back as well- they both did, but the time didn’t click well so each time, they saw their love’s back going away. They missed each other. What if we had a clock that will click well? By playing with the clock needles, you could go back to any time you want. You will catch the bus which you might have missed before, buy the final sale of a dress which was taken away from your face by another girl, save a relationship or who knows? Maybe do some life-changing things. A watch is no longer a watch, it could change your life. It’s your regret medicine.

You could control the time through the watch, but once you go back, you have to stay there at least a week before going to another time. Every watch has its limitations set when they are sold, but customers doesn’t know. So regret medicine was not made with unlimited supply, and each time you turn the needles, it could be the last time. Are you willing to take the risk? Is there really so many important things in your life that you can give up your this world to go back to and change your ideas?

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