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5 things from the future - Life on the spacecraft

We use zipper and button for jacket in real life, but what if we use magnet for clothing?

Published onNov 18, 2019
5 things from the future - Life on the spacecraft

Round1: Magnet Jacket

ARC: Spacecraft

TERRAIN: Fashion

OBJECT: Clothing

MOOD: Relief

We use zipper and button for jacket in real life, but what if we use magnet for clothing?

The new fashion style in the spacecraft is using magnet on spacesuits and accessories. The basic design is attaching magnetic button clasp snaps for clothes, hats and bags. Moreover, we use electromagnet modules instead of the basic ones, which allows voice controll on clothes. You could shoutout: Hi Siri, unlock the top three buttons of my jacket! And things would happen as you wish.

Round2: Insect Bag

ARC: Spacecraft

TERRAIN: Insects

OBJECT: Ritual

MOOD: Hope

Sometimes, mosquitos and other annoying insects would buzz around you, even when you are in a spacecraft. However , according to the space law, it is illegal to kill them since they are still precious lifeform. What could we do to collect them immediately?

Vinyl zipper bag is a cheap but effective product in this situation. It could be put in a small pocket that is easily to carried with. With a magnet on the back, it could attach to random surface on the spacecraft. When someone finds an insect, he should put it in the bag, attches it somewhere and report the location immediately. Then the staffs from insect lab would come and collect them.

Round3: Interactive Tatto

ARC: Spacecraft


OBJECT: Jewellery

MOOD: Dignity

Women love jewellery. But jewellery would float randomly in the space and distract people. In the spacecraft, people use jewellery tattoo instead of the real necklaces and earings.

This new tattoo is more than jewllery - it is a “living tattoo” - a thin, transparent patch patterned with live bacteria cells in the shape of a tree. Each branch of the tree is lined with cells sensitive to a different chemical or molecular compound. When the patch is adhered to skin that has been exposed to the same compounds, corresponding regions of the tree light up in response.

Such tattoo can be used to fabricate “active” materials for wearable sensors and interactive displays. Such materials can be patterned with live cells engineered to sense environmental chemicals and pollutants as well as changes in pH and temperature.


Round4: Brain Sensor

ARC: Spacecraft

TERRAIN: the zoo

OBJECT: Device

MOOD: Satisfaction

We could not talk to animals, neither could we understand their language and behavior in a short time. But by using so-called electroencephalography (EEG) sensors, detecting brain signals and deploying an AI algorithm to translate the signals into some understandable language in real time, we know what other creatures are thinking about. Animals in the zoo could wear this kind of sensors, so that people try to communicate with them.


Round5: Projection Mapping

ARC: Spacecraft

TERRAIN: Entertainment

OBJECT: Artwork


Projection is a useful tool for artwork or entertainment in space. For example, people can be tied to one side of the spacecraft and enjoy the nearly 360 degree of “movie screen”. What’s more, people could float in the area and enjoy the exploration through the surreal wonderland, from the deep sea to the woods.

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