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Interactive hologram - The next generation computing platform

Augmented Reality Is Going Mainstream

Published onSep 23, 2019
Interactive hologram - The next generation computing platform

I am a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe and especially like the advanced technology from Iron Man series, or later on, the new Spider Man series. Not all MCU movies have scientific background, and at this point, some super nature power should not be considered as a part of Sci-Fi. I think the hologram that can interactive with the user when iron man or spider man were designing their suit and put their arm through is very much worth bringing to real-life.

As a student used to do architecture design, I have been using a bunch of 3D modeling program and I always expected that one day our project could come out of the flat screen to become real “3D” and can be manipulate by fingers like Tony Stark. Admittedly, our existing augmented reality and virtual reality is getting close to this holographic level, and people like Elon Musk is also working on this field to make it come true, but I think we will still have a long way to go in addition to the projection media, but also the artificial intelligence system that truly drives this visual product.

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