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Unlocking Kids Dream

Published onNov 19, 2019
Unlocking Kids Dream

ARC: Grow (a decade)

TERRAIN: The Brain


MOOD: Curiosity



Unlock Your Kids’ Dreams: BCI Company Facing Social Pressure for Privacy Issues

Ethical debate of mass production of invasive BCI products come back in the house

Yiqi Zhao 09/30/2032


Days back to 20 years ago, Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroscientist at Duke University Medical Center, who has previously described a brain-computer interface through which a monkey could control a walking robot (see “The Power of Thought”) and another setup in which a virtual sense of touch was fed into a monkey’s brain through an electrical stimulating array (see “Giving Prosthetics a Sense of Touch”).(MIT Tech Review) And later more successful experimentation of Brain-to-Brain interface, the society began to accept invasive BCI products.

Nowadays, people seem very comfortable with personal AI at home. Consumer electronics like monitoring and augmented devices are worn 20 hours per day on average. However, recent Bill S.24975 about banning chip in elementary school push the public awareness into a twisted direction. chip, the invasive chip for brain-to-brain dream communication, is far more than an educational toy. The company stock crashed down 2000 points after last year’s terrifying charges about covering young children suicide cases related to dream chips. Yet, it is so easy these days for parents to monitor their kids’ minds and forcing their behavior. With chip, which is praised for several years about its application for fast-learning activities during rem stage ream, parents can always creep into their kids' dreams and force them entering the lucid dreaming ”with parents” stage. Brain-to-brain communication during the night is truely eating up our young generation’s personal life.

If you agree that invasive chips shouldn’t be considered an educational tools for everyone, please donate to the group working on the Bill S.24975 as follows:


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