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Encephalo-power (neuro-science)

Open Source -> Open Mind

Published onNov 04, 2019
Encephalo-power (neuro-science)

A superpower of “open mind"

  • 1.0 Signal Interpretation or Translation

The first stage of this mind exploration I am purposing is to store information from our thoughts. No matter it is a strong memory that is too impressive for this person to forget or some thoughts that flash across a person’s mind, it will have mark or trace of all of them that will exits somewhere safely and will not fade away like what may happens in a person’s brain. At this point, some privacy issue may be triggered, because more than one people(the owner)could have access to the memory.

  • 2.0 Data Import and Visual Scene Inject

The second stage of mind exploration would move forward to a sort of reversed process from the first stage. A memory like an open source that can be import into anyone’s brain to let him/her experience it like in the dream. At this stage, the biggest problem is that once the memory is interpreted into data, it can be modified which means that this injection could possibly be a fake memory that mislead the person, or even worse, create a false memory and give t back to the owner may cause a series of illusions that will eventually cause person hard identify if he/she is in virtuality or reality.

  • 3.0 Real-time Mind Invasion/Protection

The third stage, though may not be considered as a final stage, is the stage that is possible for current technology to implement. There will be two activity related to this stage, one is invasion while another is protection. Agents like authorized people or criminals through illegal methods discovered a way to have right to invade a person’d mind to monitor or even force him/her to make decision in the real word. At this point, just like computers have firewall, human brain/mind will also have some protection organism, or even can hire special people to work in this field(a new career is soon developed).

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