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Expandable, Functional Origami Postcard Boats

Thing From the Future Activity

Published onSep 30, 2019
Expandable, Functional Origami Postcard Boats

A: Collapse (a century)

T: Water

O: Postcard

M: Warmth

Story: In the ensuing century of exacerbating climate change, flooding becomes rampant and coastlines recedes significantly every year. New York looks like Venice and Venice… is mostly underwater. To cope, populations are using pocket-sized special origami postcards that expands into real, functional boats when folded and released into water. Being able to survive and commute in an ever-changing world brings warmth to people who can still go about daily business and visit others.

How it Works: Much as a stamp provides mileage to postcards wherever they are headed, the stamp expands out to a CPU / motor that powers the boat. Additionally, the postcards come in square or rectangular sizes adapted to different origami styles.

Origami Boats on Water


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