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Living Pods and Stacks

Artifacts from the Thing From the Future

Published onSep 30, 2019
Living Pods and Stacks

ARC: Transformation over a generation

Terrain: Home

Object: Relic

Mood: Nostalgia

Within a generation, the pervasive usage of autonomous production in most industries has completely transformed the way people work and live. Instead of going to offices or factories, most people work completely in borderless cyberspace which connects to automated production lines across the world and their material needs are delivered at door by autonomous logistic systems. Cyberspace also provides unlimited public realms for social interactions and entertainments. As the most of human activities lose their geographic domains, people no longer have to live in a fixed location and become digital nomads who constantly travel to seek new living experiences. To support this nomadic lifestyle, living pods are developed which contain minimal functionalities other than portals to the cyberspace and can be easily transported by autonomous transportations while people stay inside.

As physical public realm shrinks and gradually falls out of interests, every city around the world becomes identical with universally designed living pods being stacked along transportation infrastructures and suburbs are occupied by automated manufactories. In addition to differences in natural landscapes, the only places where people can find geographic identity of a city to imagine a never-experienced nostalgia are at the relics of workspace, immovable housings, and local markets which were built in the previous era.

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