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Personal Robot - A Life Extend

Published onOct 07, 2019
Personal Robot - A Life Extend

Humans are working on personal robots and trying to broaden the user scale day by day. They started from user groups like the elderly, people with disabilities and children, in order to provide them with better care. Robots can do what we ask them to do, complete simple tasks like handing you a book, reminding you of your schedule and so on. This is quite normal nowadays.

I am trying to think that what if each one of us have a robot, with close relationship to its owner, analyzing users’ data to know one’s personalities, characters, hobbies and multiple other perspectives to become one’s real company. This robot is provided to everyone since their birth, then after 40 years, after reading enough data, they could have their neurons connected together, so owner and his or her robot could share the same feeling. What is also achievable by tech is that after death, owner could still feel, control and experience what they are doing with the left neurons transferred. But that limitation is only 3 years. To increase your life experience time after death, you have to pay for the robots, say help it get better education, send him to the best schools for example. Would you, then, like to spend more money on your kids to provide them with better social status, or would you spend more on your own life after death- your life extender, the personal robot?

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