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Domiciled Plants

Evolutional History of the Normalcy Field of a Plant

Published onOct 07, 2019
Domiciled Plants

The domiciliation of plant goes through a longer history than most people realized.

Before the emergence of Jardinage(the art of garden)in 18th century’s Europe, a plant grows in soil , photosynthesize with CO2 and sunlight, absorbs water from the soil accumulated from precipitation, eaten by vegetarian animals, propagated with wind or pollinators) is natural until it is planted in a planter.

With the development and generalization of botanist technology and with the increasing international plant transactions, plants are fashionably domiciled in Green Houses to display the wealth of royal family. This seems quite normal today, but from the view of a pre-history plant: Why do you have to imprison and enslave my decedents to satisfy your collectomania?

After long duration of development in botanical industry, gardens and planters becomes ubiquitous within a household, while people’s lust for control did not stop there: they starts to grow plant in their electronics. Games featuring Zen gardens planting begins to gain popularity. How ruthless it is? It distorts the pace of a plant’s growth to cater for people’s anxiety to see the change. It obfuscate the fact that plant dies when you do not care them enough.


Viridi Steam Release Trailer

More astonishingly, this game endowed plant with the ability to defend the property from the enemies. As idiosyncrasy as it might be, plant does exert positive effect on promoting the property value.

This imagination further leads to the near future fantasy, where plant can be developed to keep the property safe.

It is only through looking back at what is nature, can we realize how the normalcy field of people’s conception of plant has changed. It might be surprising, but in our life of the 21st century, there is no such thing as nature. For 99.9% of people, everything that you’ve seen is constructed and designed. The lesson here is: normalcy field changes with time.

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