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Thing from the Future: Knights of NULL anti-ad projector

Published onSep 30, 2019
Thing from the Future: Knights of NULL anti-ad projector

Images by: Nicolas Damiens

ARC: Transform (Generation)

TERRAIN: Identity


MOOD: Delight

For the better part of a generation humans built their identity by accumulating brand products. Individuals came to identify with corporations so much so that they would adorn themselves with these logos and see them as representation of their way of live. A war on advertising space on humans began under the nickname of lifestyle branding which filled up most the visual and auditory channels in public and private spaces.

When the sense of identity was in danger of completely fading into the background of ubiquitous logos and whispering slogans a generation calling themselves The Knights of NULL invented the “anti-advertisement projector meant to be virtually painting over every instance of branding as to offer „white space“ for its users to experience for the first time after in a generation and slowly learn to rebuild their sense of identity.

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