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Thing From the Future: Nostalgia for the Meat

Published onSep 30, 2019
Thing From the Future: Nostalgia for the Meat

The Thing From The Future is a card game to inspire players to envision alternative futures based on key words.





Due to the growing populations and the gradual deterioration of the ecological environment, animal farming is no longer legal in our cultures. People believe that they are more civilized without eating meat. However, with a nostalgia of the old time, people look for meatless meat as substitutes.

3D food printing companies are the most successful giants among all of the other technology firms. They produce plant-based filaments (such as algae) instead of PLA or ABS. Every family owns a 3D food printer called "Infinite Meat" to produce food in any flavors or shapes as they want.

"Taste More Like Meat Than Meat" becomes the most popular slogan in the age of Food Revolution.


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