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Weird the Normal: Breathing the Fish Tank

Weird the normal exercise: productive fish aquarium?

Published onOct 07, 2019
Weird the Normal: Breathing the Fish Tank

A quick collage of the concept idea

Among all the normal entities existed on our daily lives, I find humanity’s habit of excavating reefs and a plenty body of (natural) saline water that are being stored in a transparent containment that sits on top of some kind of table in a room either in a house by a shore or higher up in the residential skyscraper, just for the sake of passive self-entertaining of fish watching, a normal that is kinda weird.

However through the exercise of de-normalize the normal, I ask a question regarding our beloved fish tanks and how they could potentially be something that is more useful than a container of a fish house.

A typical fish tank consists mainly of a reef-scape for fish, the fish themselves, and sometimes undesirable patches of algae. To re-imagine these tanks to not merely be just aquariums for fish, the de-normalized version of such aquarium could become more useful in a daily human life by functioning an extra role as an air-purifier or an energy generator.

As algae an ordinary and natural phenomenon within the fish tanks, instead of cleaning or getting rid of it, I question whether we can design the tank or reef systems that help promote a sustainable growth of algae that is both beneficial for fish as well as the fish hosts, human.

Concept Sketch

Thus the new type of fish tank is designed to become a part of the room or the home’s infrastructure. It could be structural or just an integrated part of the room that is not just an interior ornamental element but functions to accommodate the space dwellers by filtering polluted air, generate electricity as well as being a farm of alternate food source, all through the natural ecosystem within the fish tank.

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