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#FutureThing - ChillPill: "Make The World Progressive Again."

Published onSep 30, 2019
#FutureThing - ChillPill: "Make The World Progressive Again."

ARC: Transform - a decade; TERRAIN: Family; OBJECT: Implant; MOOD: Calm

Description: We are entering 2030s now, Implants have become so mainstream that a third of our population is not purely made of just meat anymore. Implants are used to enhance our cognitive and physical abilities.

After the US administration in the early 2020s, an American startup unicorn company called iChill presented to the world for the first time a revolutionary wearable technology that promised to, “Make The World Progressive Again.” Their product called, ChillPill, is an implantable that enabled its wearer to be more open-minded and receptive of new ideas. Marketed as the perfect product for creating a peaceful ambient during any kind of family gathering and celebration. “No more left or right, just forward and progressive”, said Adam Young, CEO of iChill.


ChillPill implanted in a human. It releases a calming drug to regulate its wearer’s thoughts.


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