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Holograph Projector in Psycho-Pass

Published onSep 22, 2019
Holograph Projector in Psycho-Pass

The artifact that I think to be worthy of bringing to the real world is the Holograph Decoration Projector, described in the anime, Psycho-Pass. Psycho-Pass is set in a futuristic era in Japan where a powerful network of psychometric scanners actively measures the minds and mentalities of civilised populations, and, of course, every aspect of daily life is highly automated.

With the holograph projector, the user can change the interior decoration and the dressing style with a simple verbal command or a flip on the touch panel, as shown in the video clip.

Psycho-Pass Holograph Projector

There are various scenarios where I can imagine the projector come to life. The first one that comes to mind is retail stores’ commodity display. There are a lot of devices that are already in use in nowadays’ clothes and cosmetic stores that allow customers to digitally try on the products. However, this marketing model is not widely applied in the interior design domain. With the holograph projector, retailers can provide customers with a more immersive experience of how their future property is going to look like.

The second scenario might be in places for cultural consumption where frequent remake of interiors is desired, such as museum’s exhibition, theatre’s stage set, or even themed restaurants. What mainly differs the holography projector form traditional methods of displaying is that it creates customized experience for individuals and for the moment.

To think in a longer time-frame, if any space can change its configuration within seconds, we will be living a more smart life with high space-efficiency. The artifact has the potential to not only revolutionize the interior design industry, but real estate development or even city planning methodology.

Even though the mechanism behind the projection presents to be oversimplified in this anime. I am confident that the synchronization between projected images and adjustable physical entities can serve as a starting point for the exploration.


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