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Thing from the future: Olympic Simulator

When human no longer need sports competition...

Published onSep 30, 2019
Thing from the future: Olympic Simulator


Arc: Collapse in decade

Terrain: Sport

Object: Monument

Mood: Excitement

World 2029

With the soaring development in medicine, all human body mechanism can supposedly be altered and regulated with pills at their will. Booming technologies and newly discovered natural elements make those pills affordable even to medium-income household. With boosting pills, people finishes 100m within 1ms and can jump as high as 3 floors. With fitness pill, one can have a six pack with in 3 session of treatment, which happens within a month.

Rarely do people need short-distance displacement vehicles such as bicycle, elevators or stairs. The sharp increase of people’s bodily mobility not only reshapes the configuration of our city, but also the way of life, among which sports came across most impact. With body mechanism refinement prescription becoming part of the daily life, pill restriction is no longer applicable to athletes. The more pills you can afford, the better you can perform. After years long of debate, the UN decided to abolish the Olympics.

In order to memorize the history of Olympics, the UN holds a competition to call for proposals for an Olympic Monument.

Following is my proposal:

The Olympic Simulator

The grid structure gains inspiration from the game ‘Monument Valley’. It consists of 5 parts, respectively paying tribute to the 5 rings of the Olympic Game signifying 5 domain of sports: Super- Gravity Simulator, Ever-shifting plasma target, Spinning Ball game Simulator, High speed treadmill, Weight compressor. This interactive monument tries to provide new human with the same experience that old human can experience in their past Olympic games. By attaching sensors to their muscles, the monument can adjust the level of difficulty according to the strength of the visitor.

Super- Gravity Simulator: this device adjusts the gravity according to the visitor’s ability to jump, so that he/she can always jump slightly over the designated height with their full strength used.

Ever-shifting plasma target: is a target that changes its frame rate according to the vision of the visitor.

Spinning Ball game Simulator: it allows the user to experience a real ball game wearing VR lens and their body moving in a ball.

High speed treadmill: as it says in the name a treadmill that adjusts its speed to the new human’s body function.

Weight compressor: it adjusts the weight that slight challenges the user’s power capacity.


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