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Weird: Cameras Everywhere

Published onOct 06, 2019
Weird: Cameras Everywhere

Pew Research states that More Than Half of U.S. Adults Trust Law Enforcement to Use Facial Recognition Responsibly Even in our private spaces, we have begun to invite survillence into our lives in the form of devices like Nest and Arlo.

Source: Pew Research

What if as a way to “weird the normal,” anytime a camera (visible or hidden) was watching us, for instance at a department store when we are shopping, we can hear clapping the longer we stand in the view of the camera. The longer we stay there, the louder the clapping gets, until we finally arrive to the cheering soundtrack.

Example: Surveillance Camera with Clapping and Cheering

And anytime a facial-recognition camera is watching us, we begin to hear a voiceover of our activities (a David Attenborough voiceover would be my personal preference).

Example: Facial Recognition Camera with Commentary

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