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PASIV Device, Inception's Portable Dream Machine

Published onSep 23, 2019
PASIV Device, Inception's Portable Dream Machine

I watched Inception (2010) twice in the cinema, not only for its beautifully orchestrated visuals and sounds, but also for its concept and screenplay that was cleverly executed around the concept of lucid dreaming.

With all of the intriguing elements within the film revolving around the concept of dreaming, heisting, and the intangible crimes, I appreciate Nolan’s vision in materializing all of the elements and subtle technologies present within the film. One of the device I find really cool is the “Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous Device (PASIV) or basically the dream machine in a suitcase that being carried around to inject substances to dreamers on sites. The device is basically one of the most important object that could potentially affect the whole operations. The key device to enable dreams on demands.

The device basically, and precisely, control the dosage of Somnacin (chemicals enabling instance lucid dreaming) to subjects during their actions. It primarily consists of a middle button to activate the release of the chemicals, LED and atomized timer , lithium iodide battery with 200-hr life, a memory backup, and whole lots intricate details.

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