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Weird the Normal: Mouse for Neck Pain

Published onOct 08, 2019
Weird the Normal: Mouse for Neck Pain

People have suffered from neck pains by using computers for long hours nowadays. There are many ergonomic mice have been invented.

Image by Scott Hanselman

I was excited to get a vertical mouse with a sleek look last year and hoped that it could be the ultimate remedy for my stiff neck and shoulders. Subsequently I had to buy a massager to relieve my neck pains. Unfortunately, either the best ergonomic mouse or the massager doesn’t really rescue me due to my long stares at computers.

I believe that I need some exercises but I am too busy(lazy) to do it routinely.

It has been a big frustration for me that the closed-loop system of “mouse - hand - shoulder/neck pains” is seemingly unbreakable. So I decided to propose a more dynamic way to interact with screens - we can use neck and shoulder rather than hand mouse to control our computers. Please imagine a scenario that we can scroll up or down, and swipe left or right on the webpages by rotating our necks or shaking the shoulders. We blink or nod when we need to click on something.

A neck wearable as a replacement for mouse

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