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Anaid Perez’s Emoticon: Emo-bots in Negotiation

Published onSep 30, 2019
Anaid Perez’s Emoticon: Emo-bots in Negotiation

Response on Anaid Perez’s Emoticon

I find it interesting to think about what exactly the robot does, and why its “fake emotion” triggers its partner so badly. It reminds me of the Little Bot with rich facial expressions from the Netflix series “Love, Death and Robots”, which is an advanced version of baby monitors capable of decoding and simulating human emotions. What if they actually outstand us in dealing with emotion one day?

Maybe in the world built by Anaid Perez’s extremely short piece, the robot works as the negotiator and communicates with the kidnapper. It might have been trained with numerous databases, learned thousands of cases, and would never be defected by negative feelings when dealing with a case. If robots are capable of dealing with emotion-related tasks, it might transform the world greatly. Just imagine a robot babysitter or teacher that always give the "right" emotional support to children. If they do well in accurately recognizing speech control today, who says they would not be able to analyze emotions with high accuracy and respond to emotions effectively in the future?

We have been carrying the belief that emotion or sympathy is unique for advanced living creatures such as human and animals, it might feel very bad when robots interpret emotions better in the future (which might be why the policeman partner is angry with his/her partner, and the robot replied with "at least I can pretend"). At that point, what will make a human human?


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