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Normal the Weird: The Selfie Learner

Normal the Weird: The Selfie Learner
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Oct 07, 2019

Inspired by the world of N.K. Jemesin, I speculate on how to turn the renewal aspect into reality. With social media driving our behavior on a daily basis – or at least the lives of those who strive for approval of the digital world, we only survive if we preserve our likeability daily. With only 3 chances until game over – and extinction, the total of likes received are to always increase.

Our mobile device, a natural extension of ourselves, learns from our everyday behavior, surrounding, friends, and lifestyle to improve our likeability and help us in this world where only the most instagrammable survive. With built-in computer vision, the device calculates approval rates and at the end of the day provides progress reports:

1. It notifies selfie-taker on future improvements:

fashion / restaurant selection / angle of picture / friends to include in group pictures / type of meal to order

2. It connects with daily objects/furniture and changes their properties through color/pattern changing electrical wires to increase their rate such as:

house plants / furniture / iphone case / amount of natural light


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