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2050: Living in the Multiverse with Jinns (Future of Reality)

Published onOct 28, 2019
2050: Living in the Multiverse with Jinns (Future of Reality)

World-Building Deck

World-Building Bible

Overview: Global State of the World of 2050

Space Exploration

High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC) Project: After hundreds of projects deployed to study the habitability of Mars, NASA and other international space agencies have decided to give Venus another chance. Because of its high altitude atmosphere condition and close proximity to Earth, space organizations found it to be beneficial for studying the deployment of flying modular cities and habitats. Scientists and engineers have worked nonstop to get the HAVOC systems built in time for its 2055 launch.

James Webb Space Telescope Discoveries: Since the launch of JWST into space, it has sent back images and data of galaxies, enabled scientists to see the birth of stars, and contributed heavily to the study of dark matter. It has also given scientists more information on previously discovered transiting exoplanet and newly discovered ones. Now, scientists have analysed the data transmitted from the JWST on K2-18b exoplanet and have found that its atmosphere is similar to Earth. There has been a great excitement over this news, since it means that we are not alone in the universe. Our planet is not as unique as we thought in the beginning of the 21st Century.

Commercial Space Tourism: Space tourism is only available for those who can afford it. Usually, they fly up and look at the empty vast space and stare straight down at a tiny Earth. Those who have had the privilege to visit space have said that it feels like meditation. You come back with an entirely new perspective of life. All personal problems seem insignificant.

Virgin Galactic Spaceship [3]

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Global Health

Worldwide Disease Eradication: In an historic announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that Elephantiasis has been the most recent disease on being eradicated worldwide. This represents another great achievement and milestone for humanity. We have come far since the eradication of smallpox in 1980, polio in 2022, Guinea Worms and River Blindness in 2030 worldwide thanks to the commitment from countries and partners, such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Carter Center.

Clean-Water Project: Finally, the WHO has also announced that everybody in the world now has access to clean water. In Africa, a system of clean water tunnels have been implemented across the continent, giving rural areas access as well. This helped accelerate the eradication of several diseases that were spread by contaminated water.





Low Noise Supersonic Aircraft: traveling from Los Angeles, USA to Shanghai, China only takes approximately five hours with the new low noise supersonic passenger aircraft. People can now visit families who live in another continent once a month. Airfares have been dropping every few years due to new commercial relationships between countries allowing low-mid income individuals to afford to explore the world.

Supersonic Passenger Jet [12]

Very High-Speed VacTrain: Rich countries have been investing heavily in building vactrains tunnels to connect their own cities. Now vactrains became the main public transportation used by millions of people every year to travel and commute between cities in minutes. The fastest speed recorded is 1542mph!

Vactrain tunnel connecting a city in a residential state [13]

Full Autonomous Automobile: Most automobile are hybrid and can be driven on water as well. Most people find it necessary to own a car anymore. They can just order an autonomous car and get picked up and dropped off anywhere.

Toyota Hybrid Concept Car. A car that can be driven on water and land [14].

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Residential States: In the United States, family and individual with mid and low income has been migrating into the midwest and central US for more affordable housing. Thanks to the vactrains, now they can commute into the big cities like NYC, Boston, LA, and SF within minutes. Due to the large migration of families towards the central and midwest regions, the government has created incentives for real-estate developers to create affordable housing in states classified as Residential States.

Underwater Habitat: These are sphere like habitats with several floors underwater. They are luxurious residences usually located near coastal cities like NYC, Boston, and LA. These residences come with all kinds of amenities, from gym, swimming center, shopping mall, relaxation rooms, gaming room, vertical farming area, and much more. Each sphere is attached to another through underwater tunnel and can also be assessed via water cars or taxi.

Floating Underwater Habitat. Concept by Shimizu Corporation

A floating habitat concept by Philip Pauley.

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Global Culture & Society

Influential Countries: inevitably China has become the most influential country in the world. Most countries teach Mandarin as a second official language. It’s been three decades since they have surpassed the US in both research and development spending. They developed the newest technology for vactrains and exported their technology to countries in Africa and South America. European and North America are starting to develop a better relationship with the oriental superpower. The chinese government has also invested heavily in unicorn companies focused on bringing AI tech to the masses. They have been using facial recognition for identifying people who committed crimes, for trade and transaction, literally for every aspect of life. Several chinese provinces, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing has become a place with a fusion of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities. The chinese government is more tolerant towards outsiders because they have the technology to monitor them closely.

The United States became the second most influential country. They still lead the space race. Currently working on a pilot for terraforming Mars and exploring habitability of Venus.

Global Culture: Thanks to the new advances in transportation systems and the low airfares, people of low income have started to explore countries and cultures outside their own. The world has become a more tolerant place, with less stereotypes, more open-mindedness, no more gender gap in pay. Everybody can be whoever they want and whatever they want. There are still a few extremist groups out there, but they have been under constant surveillance by the Chinese and American governments.

Rise of Africa: Africa has been the world's fastest growing continent in the last quarter of the century. Several organizations have pitched in to provide free education to the children of sub-saharan Africa. The people involved with the World Health Organization and the Clean Water Project have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life of rural Africa. Now more than 56% of Africa's population has moved to the growing cities compared to 33% back in 2010. Poverty is still one of the main reasons why there are so many still living in underdeveloped regions. For the past two decades, some African governments have diversified their economy enough to help the poor, but more still needs to be done for the next half of the century.

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Future of Reality


The multiverse is composed of the Real Physical World (RP), the Synthetic Physical World (SP), and the Metaverse.

Real Physical World(RP)

This is the world where we live in with our biological body. Everything we describe in this bible relates to the real world unless we specify.

Synthetic Physical World (SP) [Under R&D]

The Synthetic Physical World (SP) is a subset of the Real Physical World (RP). This world can only be accessed using a 5th generation Osmo-BCI. Essentially, our mind materials (thoughts, memories, perceptions, personality, etc) are transmitted into a synthetic biological body. It requires our original biological body to be connected to the Osmo-BCI in order to establish a connection and control the synthetic body. A functioning and healthy brain is all we need to be able to control a synthetic body. However, this SP world is still under extensive research supported mainly by the government and rich individuals. No current regulation exist as of 2050.


The Metaverse is composed of several digital universes created by universe developers. Each universe contains a specific ID-link that allow us access to them using an Osmo Brain-Computer Interface.


Multiverse Intergovernmental Organization (MIO)

The Multiverse is regulated by the Multiverse Intergovernmental Organization (MIO) composed of 193 nations.


Osmo-BCI Machine:

The Osmo-BCI machine is a brain computer interface that enables us to connect to a universe in the metaverse or SP world. It transfers our brain material into the different worlds enabling us to sense the world just as the RP world. For example, the perception of pain can also be simulated, but regulation has been imposed to avoid exerting unbearable pain on the users inside the Metaverse. Some universes in the Metaverse allow their users to mute their Pain Receptor Channel.

  • Sleep-Dive: A connection is established once the user perform a sleep-dive. Essentially, the user falls into a state of sleep in which the brain remains in active mode, and the perceptions and sense of belonging are elsewhere in the Multiverse.

  • Modulation of Time Perception: In the Metaverse, by default, time goes 60 times faster in the Metaverse compared to RP world (60:1). In some universes within the Metaverse, time modulation could change, meaning in some universes 1 hour in the Metaverse could be 10 minutes in the RP world (6:1). The perception of time is the same between SP and RP worlds.


Subtle High Frequency Vibration Furniture Line

Daily prolonged sleep-dive could hurt our biological body. However, there is a new remedy for us to enjoy the Multiverse for as long as we want it. A new line of furniture bring to you the latest the Sub-HFV technology. According to research performed on Astronauts, high frequency vibration could energize the body tissues, increase bone density, and enhance metabolism and circulation.

  • Sub-HFV Mattress: The subtle high frequency vibration feature is activated once we sleep-dive into the Metaverse or the SP world. It is compatible with the Osmo-BCI.

  • Sub-HFV Chair: Sleep-dive while at work to replenish some of your energy back!

Mental Disorders

Since the introduction of the first Metaverse, we have seen a fluctuation in cases of mental disorders. Doctors have used the Metaverse for creating universes for patients suffering from certain kind of mental disorders, such as Schizophrenia, Depression, and Mania. Through extensive research, it has shown that the Metaverse is a reliable platform for providing people with mental disorders a better way of life.

Although the Multiverse enabled a lot of new interventions for mental disorders, it also created some new ones. As of 2050, There have been a few cases of death due to Inception, confusion between the RP World and the Metaverse. The MIO has asked Osmo-BCI creators to make the interface clear for people to distinguish the Real Physical World and the Metaverse.


They are the new generation of embodied artificial intelligent agents generated with Bayesian Inference model. They serve as an embodiment of a space (host), brand & company (representative), or person (companion). They are usually shown using visual augmentation devices, such as augmented reality glasses and contact lenses. The personal companion version can accompany you throughout the Multiverse.

Embodiment: They are usually represented as anthropomorphic creatures. Their embodiment could be upgraded by buying new digital surgeries and materials (clothing, etc).

Context-awareness: Jinns are context-aware digital creature. They know where you are, what you eat, how well you feel by learning from sensor data surrounding us. They can see what we see, and can perform real-time computer vision computation without lag. They only appear whenever they want to catch our attention, and they know when to do so.

Affective Computing: They can simulate emotions and mood based on our needs.

Features: Jinns can be upgraded for more features and computational abilities. Some rare features can only be obtained through specific events sponsored by a government, an organization or entity. They are also classified as Real Physical Upgrades or Meta Physical Upgrade.

  • Real Physical Upgrades: These upgrades are features or abilities that can be used only in the Real Physical World. For example,

  • Meta Physical Upgrades: These upgrades are features or abilities that can be used only within the specific world in the Metaverse. For example, in the Marvel Universe, your Jinn could acquire the Super Strength ability. In the Hogwarts Universe, your Jinn could enable you to use the Expelliarmus spell. However, you cant use the Expelliarmus spell in the Marvel Universe. All the upgrades in the Metaverse are specific to each universe you enter.

    Jinn Processor: It is the wearable quantum computer, the main processing unit that enables extremely fast processing of contextual information. It is essentially the Jinn’s brain. This computer transmits information to the displaying unit (glasses or contact lenses). It is capable of storing petabytes of data locally.

  • Verification factors / Security: The current verification factors for our personal server are our DNA, proximity between biological body and server, and digital key to supercomputer.

  • Embodiment: The Jinn Processor is so small that it can be embedded into any kind of jewelry or wearable. Some prefers to wear it as a watch, others as a necklace. The smallest Jinn Processor is a wearable ring, but it is a luxury that only the top 1% can afford.

Everyday Life in the Multiverse with Jinns

Personal Identity

Personal: Nowadays, people cannot imagine living their lives without their own Jinn. A Jinn has become an integral part of one’s identity. It is thought of as an externalization and extension of self.

Corporate: Some Jinns represent a corporate branding and embody their culture in the way they interact with their customers.

Family: In additional to having a personal Jinn, some families also have a Jinn that represents the household. These kind of Jinns mainly act as a house servant that welcome and make the guests feel at home. They are also in charge of managing and organizing the household. They know everything about the preferences of every family member. Their knowledge or mind can be integrated into the personal Jinn brain.

Cognitive Enhancement

Jinns are perfect example of a man-machine symbiosis, working by our side as a friend and colleague. They can boost visual and auditory processing, improve restoration and focus perceptions, and augment logic and reasoning.

Learning & Training

Jinn helps us retain information with visual stimuli that triggers recall. We can now learn 10 times faster. People are also accessing the Metaverse for training purposes. The FBI has created a highly classified universe for training only accessible by their officers and staff.


Nutrition Planning: this feature must be bought and upgraded. It enables the Jinn to provide personalized healthy nutrition plan.

Exercise Planning: this feature must be bought and upgraded. It enables the Jinn to provide personalized exercise plan.


Although it seems like we could do everything with a Jinn, they are merely an augmentation of our own abilities. They could help us become a painter, a chef, a filmmaker, but without proper practice, we wont create a masterpiece. Hence, people still have to take a profession to generate enough income to survive or live a life full of luxuries.

A whole new set of professions centered around developing and managing the universes in the Metaverse have been created. Those are the most in-demand jobs for 2050.


Using the Osmo-BCI, we can now generate 3D objects by just thinking about them. The 3D object file can then be sent to a 3D printer immediately by the Jinn. We can have our object from thought to reality within minutes!

Large scale 3D printer are restricted by the government. We cant just think of a mansion and 3D print it without a construction permit from government agency.


Society has become accustomed to seeing Jinns around. Those prefer not to live with one are seeing as outcast. After all, we own all of our personal data, and Jinns only appear when they sense that we need them, so having one is beneficial.


Jinns have slowly enabled us to be more understanding of other people’s culture. They warn us if we are being insensitive, making us feel more self-aware of what we say to others. The world is slowly becoming more tolerant and less culturally biased. We see people of all race and gender in all social classes.

Life after Death (Cemetery)

Our Jinn stops learning from our environment when we die. They get encapsulated into an “Engram” and displayed next to where we are buried. People can interact with the Engram just like how we interact with another person. They can get a sense of who we were and how we lived life.

Note: This worldbuilding bible draws inspirations from the Sword Art Online anime, James Cameron’s Avatar, Mary Lou Jepsen’s idea of a wearable MRI machine, the Inception movie, research on brain decoding from The Gallant Lab, and my own research on R.E.I.N.A., Responsive & Embodied Indoor Navigation (AR) Agents.

Additional resources for world-building

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