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Weird-Normal: Public Group Speaker Session

What if everyone who normally wears headphones would play their music for the people around them?

Published onOct 08, 2019
Weird-Normal: Public Group Speaker Session

Everyone wears speakers now!

Normal: A large percentage of passengers on public transport or pedestrians use ear- or headphones while en route to their destination. They use music, sounds or calls for THEIR own tiny bit of privacy or to get a good start into THEIR day.

Weird: Headphones are outward facing speakers. Everyone who would, in the „normal“ scene use ear- or headphones wears speakers on the sides of their head. They play music and sounds FOR the people around them rather than for their own little piece of the world.

Would it be a cacophony or would we be able to eventually harmonise?

(Up until now the ever growing percentage of people carrying around their personal speakers in public is weird but still seems to be an exception. So what if they would not carry them for themselves?)