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Superpower: Shock-wave Absorber and Repulsion Suit

It's real soon.

Published onNov 04, 2019
Superpower: Shock-wave Absorber and Repulsion Suit

I would like to recreate Black Panther’s Vibranium Suit. With my background in smart materials and textiles, I can see this suit existing in the future.

The energy harvesting and storage can be developed by harnessing the reversible piezoelectric effect, in which stress on this material could create electric charges, and vice versa, as electrical charges gets induced to the materials, there will be mechanical stress or deformations. This stress or deformation as we induce electricity can create the subsequent mechanical shock. See demonstration below.

Carbon-nanotubes/graphene coating will improve the durability of the suit, CNTs are strong material and have great tensile strength, some said they are 100 times stronger than metal. Shape-memory alloy or “memory metal” can also be fused into the thermal drawing techniques and the fiber structure for adaptive property. This alloy can be programmed to change shape, and enable our vision of self-fitting and transformative clothing. The passive/active structure of the fiber will define the directionality of the shock.

Finally, we could create digital/analog circuits that could initially store the energy harvested from the impact of the CNT-SMA-PZT fibers, and then amplify this charge to actuate the fibers on-demand, giving a large mechanical shock (or repulsion) in one direction.

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