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Multitasking Super Power Wearable

Published onNov 04, 2019
Multitasking Super Power Wearable

One of the most fascinating super powers to me has always been time and mind manipulation. My favorite superhero franchise growing up was X-Men and I was always fascinated and inspired by Professor Xavier and his mind control capabilities. And the reality warping abilities of his son David (Legion) and other heroes in the comics and movies.

I think everyone wants to warp reality at some point in their lives. Get extra time to push a deadline. Rewind time to fix a mistake. Fast forward to see what happens.

Unfortunately time and reality warping are outside of our scientific possibilities and human minds. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that we can’t actually multitask — rather just switch between tasks super super fast. So no, none of us are anywhere close to being Professor Xavier anytime soon.

But multitasking (or at least achieving some semblance of it) seems to be the closest thing we can get to. Which would definitely be a pretty amazing super power for me. I am often in meetings and conversations and trying to write notes, send emails, or just generally zone out.

Therefore my design for a multitasking superpower would entail a wearable device that you could turn on before a meeting or conversation that you want to multitask in.

The wearable would use NLP to listen to the conversation and would buzz you to come back into the conversation and shows suggested responses on the band if you have truly zoned out. This wearable would also upload summaries to an online database for the user to read over later if needed. This super power might even be able to interface with current smart watch tech.

This super power would definitely be great for a lot of individuals, including stressed grad students with too many meetings when they just want to be clearing their inbox or working on their code.

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