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Weird the Normal: A coffee table

Published onOct 08, 2019
Weird the Normal: A coffee table

A wooden coffee table. Beautiful. Durable. Great for centerpieces. Normal.

Oftentimes used as a placeholder for mail.

Highly vulnerable to water damage.

Kind of just sits there and looks pretty.

Cooler coffee table. Looks like a normal coffee table.

<p>Image Credit: Ufu</p>

You set your ice-cold martini down. Still looks like a normal coffee table. But, oh S@%&! Where’s the coaster?

<p>Image Credit: Ufu</p>


<p>Image Credit: Ufu</p>

It’s movie night @ Nina’s place. No one wants to get up to put the popcorn in the microwave though.

<p>Image Credit: Ufu</p>

Exactly 8 seconds later…

People are bored of watching the movie though. Let’s play a game. Tap for X's, double tap for O’s.


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