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Cars and their culture: The weird that has been normalized

Dangerous mutant metal beasts have overtaken our lands. We welcome them in and then they multiplied and enslaved us.

Published onOct 04, 2019
Cars and their culture: The weird that has been normalized

Prompt: “Weird the normal and normal the weird” i.e , take a technology or process you find weird and explain how you would “normalize” it. What tools would you use? Or the opposite. Take something mundane and boring and describe how you would DE-normalize it to expose its true weirdness or exercise it. Include an image and a description.

There are strange mutant beasts that have overtaken our land, our time, and parts of our lives. Yet we welcomed them in, obey them, and yield to always let them pass. They are a danger to us humans, but we enable them and the dangers they bring. We continue to build highways to make their fast and dangerous movements more efficient. These highways take up space from our natural resources, where we might otherwise grow food, build homes, or simply enjoy natural and safe spaces. The highways are made of concrete that we ripped up trees and grassy land, and at times public transport or housing, to make way for. Not only did the introduction of these beasts to our lives require the removal of these resources, but these beasts then defecate pollutants into our air.

It was hard at first to see how bad it might become, that they might multiply, and then enslave many of us to make us reliant on them. We thought they would come to help us. Maybe they still can. But for now we are stuck with the losses imposed by their introduction: The highway and urban sprawl infrastructure is here to stay.

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