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Weird the Normal: Leg Foundation

Weirding the normal tech assignment.

Published onOct 07, 2019
Weird the Normal: Leg Foundation

Foundation to me is completely normal. You want to cover up things on your face and make it look uniform. Everyone has some type of acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, etc. And it’s normal to want to cover it up.

Most makeup is normal to me even if to others it doesn’t make sense. It’s a medium of relaxation, expression, and empowerment for myself and many many others.

But the one makeup technology that doesn’t make any sense to me is leg foundation. I’m sorry I just can’t with it. Kim K might be one of my favorite Libras but it will never not be weird to have separate leg and body foundation.

Kim posing with her perfect everything and showing the weirdest foundation brush ever.

There is already body paint that is made for this. There is also transfer resistant foundation that you can use on your entire body including your face.

WE DO NOT NEED SEPARATE LEG AND BODY FOUNDATION. We just don’t. It’s weird to have overlapping makeup products with not enough shades. It’s not it, Kim.

I think the thing that first brought this into the realm of normal was the mass marketing of the Kardashian empire. It doesn’t feel weird to have brands that are these huge kingdoms that we keep buying from (even though it kind of is but y’know capitalism happened). So having superfluous products from this type of system can get nestled in.

I understand how leg foundation is not the weirdest product to have in the day and age of influencers and such but it is the weirdness of it in the context of the ecosystem that it exists in. And perhaps my refusal to have leg foundation become so popular.

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