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Anti-Cloning Lotion $19.99

Published onNov 18, 2019
Anti-Cloning Lotion $19.99

Welcome to AmericaTwo. Quick recap: it is the year 2079. The rise of polarization, misinformation, automation and science has led us to a post-conflict society, engineered by algorithmic peace.

You are free. Free to spend your time however you like, free to live anywhere (in the restricted zones that avoid natural disasters) and free to live later. Cryogenics are now inexpensive and accessible to anyone!

*Note: As part of my Thing from the Future rounds, I got Cloning (terrain), Lotion (object) and Dread (mood).

People live in a state of isolation and satiation. Love is harder to find, so birth rates are at 0.0001%. As cryogenics are on the rise, but so are gene pirates. Gene pirates open cryogenic chambers to quickly swab somebody inside and sell that DNA to someone who is willing to pay for a genetically engineered baby.

To prevent you genes from being swabbed without your permission, Johnson and Johnson has created a new formula that seals your skin in - preventing the loss of any DNA for the duration of your cryogenic freezing (for up to 50 years). Only $19.99!!!

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