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AR Population Calming

How ocular implants can be used to calm the masses

Published onSep 30, 2019
AR Population Calming

My group had the following words for the game:

Arc - Transform (a decade)

Terrain - Family

Object - Implant

Mood - Calm

My device would be an ocular implant that alters how the person perceives other people. A decade in the future, people have become horribly deformed to the point of almost looking like monsters. In order to calm the population, everyone has implants so that they perceive everyone as normal looking humans.

**Spoiler for Black Mirror Episode**

This similar concept was touched on in a Black Mirror episode where a soldier sees the enemy as mutated monster people that try to attack him, where actually they are normal people that the government wants killed. I think one of the most troubling parts of this episode is when the soldier returns home to his perfect house and wife, but in reality its a rundown house that is falling apart with no wife at all. So this implant effects every aspect of his entire life which is scary to see how this technology would have incredibly questionable ethics behind it. Although it could be used to help people with mental illnesses, I think the ethical downsides make this technology too dangerous to pursue.

I think the only ethical way to make this device work is for it to be unhackable so that no outside force can control what the user is seeing. Even then some ethical concepts can come into questions, but at least people will not see things against their will.


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